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Paved Routes

Paved Routes


This page includes a selection of paved road routes in the region, with links to maps, cue sheets, and directions to the starting points. Most of these routes were created by, and are regularly used by, the Charlottesville Bicycle Club.

Roads:  All routes listed here are on paved roads (with perhaps a short unpaved section in one or two cases).  The quality of the roads, however, may vary considerably; you should be prepared for potholes, rough surfaces, bumpy bridges, and patches of gravel washed across the road by rain.

Equipment:  Standard road bikes are appropriate for these routes.  Because the terrain in most of the region is hilly or mountainous, you will find that low gearing is very helpful.  Compact double cranksets (e.g., 50/34) are commonly used by local riders, even many strong riders.  A large cog of 28 or 30 (or even larger) in the back is typical.

Route List:  The routes listed below are organized by starting point. Detailed locations are shown on the web page for each specific route.

Paved Routes

Click on Route Name for full information about the route.  Distance is in miles. Climb data is in feet per mile.

NOTE: Routes below marked with asterisks (***) have been temporarily retired because of a bridge closure in Advance Mills expected to last through 2024.

Starting PointRoute NameDistance (mi)Climb (fpm)
Afton MountainAfton – Loft Mountain5295
Afton MountainSherando – Waynesboro3980
Barboursville FirehouseBarboursville – Little Skyline4075
Barboursville FirehouseBarboursville – Little Skyline4665
Barboursville FirehouseEheart – Somerset2260
Barboursville FirehouseEheart – Somerset3165
Barboursville FirehouseOrange – Gordonsville4050
Beech GroveCrabtree Falls – Devil’s Knob44105
Beech GroveCrabtree Falls – Devil’s Knob53105
ColleenNelson – Amherst3665
ColleenNelson – Amherst4475
ColleenNelson – Amherst5875
Crossroads StoreBatesville – Dudley3375
Crossroads StoreBatesville – Taylor Creek – Ennis Mtn2985
Crossroads StoreBatesville – Taylor Creek – Ennis Mtn4080
Crossroads StoreCove Garden Out and Back1660
Crossroads StoreCrossroads Store Out and Back2070
Crossroads StoreKeene – Alberene2470
Crossroads StoreNorth Garden – Batesville2680
Crossroads StoreNorth Garden – Dudley2570
Crossroads StoreOnan – Batesville – North Garden3090
Crossroads StoreOnan – Batesville – North Garden4090
Crossroads StoreOnan – Batesville – North Garden4685
Crossroads StoreSchuyler – Rockfish3870
Crossroads StoreSchuyler – Rockfish4965
Crossroads StoreWoodridge – Keene4365
Crozet Bicycle ShopGreenwood1775
Crozet Bicycle ShopWhite Hall – Sugar Hollow1755
EarlysvilleBacon Hollow2665
EarlysvilleBacon Hollow3565
EarlysvilleBacon Hollow4270
EarlysvilleEarlysville – Kinderhook5470
Fontaine Research ParkFontaine Rider’s Choice3465
Fontaine Research ParkFontaine Rider’s Choice3975
Fontaine Research ParkFontaine Rider’s Choice4780
Free Union SchoolBoonesville – White Hall3670
Free Union SchoolCamino De Las Cabras4070
Free Union SchoolCamino De Las Cabras4870
Free Union SchoolDyke – Buck Mountain3165
Free Union SchoolNortonsville – Boonesville2165
Free Union SchoolNortonsville – Boonesville3865
Free Union SchoolNortonsville – Earlysville2370
Free Union SchoolNortonsville – Earlysville3070
Free Union SchoolStanardsville Loop3370
Free Union SchoolWhite Hall – Dyke3075
Free Union SchoolWhite Hall – Dyke4175
Gordonsville Family DollarBill & Dave’s Ride3550
Gordonsville Family DollarBill & Dave’s Ride4240
Gordonsville Family DollarBill & Dave’s Ride4940
Gordonsville Family DollarGordonsville – Orange2955
Greenwood Community CenterAfton – Batesville3180
Greenwood Community CenterAfton – Devils Knob – Reeds Gap47110
Greenwood Community CenterAfton – Ennis Mtn – Batesville3385
Greenwood Community CenterAfton – Sherando – Waynesboro5785
Greenwood Community CenterBatesville – Afton3180
Greenwood Community CenterWhite Hall – Owensville – Crozet3065
Grit Coffee – CrozetCrozet – Batesville2875
Grit Coffee – CrozetCrozet – Batesville3380
Grit Coffee – CrozetCrozet – Batesville4675
Grit Coffee – CrozetWhite Hall – Free Union – Crozet3375
Grit Coffee – CrozetWhite Hall – Free Union – Crozet4570
Grit Coffee – CrozetWhite Hall – Sugar Hollow – Beaver Creek2655
Humpback RocksHumpback Rocks – Vesuvius60100
Humpback RocksHumpback Rocks Out and Back38100
Madison Social ServicesMadison – Greene2675
Madison Social ServicesMadison – Greene3065
Madison Social ServicesMadison – Greene4665
Madison Social ServicesMadison – Orange4065
Madison Social ServicesMadison – Orange4765
Madison Social ServicesMadison – Orange – Greene4065
Madison Social ServicesMadison – Orange – Greene6765
Madison Social ServicesMadPeper4260
Madison Social ServicesMadPeper5255
Maybelle’s MarketDyke – Boonesville2170
Maybelle’s MarketDyke – White Hall – Free Union3375
Maybelle’s MarketDyke – White Hall – Free Union4170
Murray Elementary SchoolBatesville – North Garden4170
Murray Elementary SchoolBeaver Creek – Greenwood – Batesville3080
Murray Elementary SchoolBeaver Creek – Greenwood – Batesville4575
Murray Elementary SchoolIvy – Crown Orchard – Batesville2990
Palmyra Rail TrailTour de Fluvanna4255
Palmyra Rail TrailTour de Fluvanna5260
Piedmont StoreSugar Hollow945
Porters Simpson ParkKeene – Scottsville2155
Porters Simpson ParkKeene – Scottsville2860
Porters Simpson ParkKeene – Scottsville3365
Porters Simpson ParkLanghorne Out and Back1255
Porters Simpson ParkSchuyler – Bungletown2680
Porters Simpson ParkSchuyler – Bungletown3185
Porters Simpson ParkSchuyler – Norwood3680
Porters Simpson ParkSchuyler – Norwood5280
Porters Simpson ParkScottsville – Woodridge – Keene2660
Porters Simpson ParkScottsville – Woodridge – Keene3655
Porters Simpson ParkScottsville – Woodridge – Keene4155
Riverheads High SchoolShenandoah Valley – Goshen Pass5965
Ruckersville Food LionAdvance Mills – Free Union3360
Ruckersville Food LionDyke – Markwood3665
Ruckersville Food LionEheart – Burtonville3160
Ruckersville Food LionSomerset – Eheart3360
Ruckersville Food LionSouth River – Stanardsville2670
Ruckersville Food Lion South River – Stanardsville3860
Scottsville Dorrier ParkJames Valley Loop4445
Scottsville Dorrier ParkJames Valley Loop6045
Scottsville Dorrier ParkScottsville – Yogaville2950
Scottsville Dorrier ParkScottsville – Yogaville3755
Scottsville Dorrier ParkScottsville – Yogaville5260
Stony Point Elementary SchoolAdvance Mills – Earlysville – Greene ***4970
Stony Point Elementary SchoolAlbemarle – Greene ***2965
Stony Point Elementary SchoolSomerset – Barboursville3865
Stony Point Elementary SchoolSomerset – Orange – Gordonsville6865
Swift Run GapSwift Run Gap – Skyland48100
Veteran’s ParkRapidan – Clarks Mountain4060
Walton Middle SchoolBlenheim – Woodridge – Antioch4165
Walton Middle SchoolBungletown Loop3275
Walton Middle SchoolKeene – Esmont2070
Walton Middle SchoolKeene – Esmont2775
Walton Middle SchoolKeene – Esmont3065
Walton Middle SchoolScottsville – Howardsville4060
Walton Middle SchoolScottsville – Howardsville5060
Walton Middle SchoolScottsville Short Loop3665
Walton Middle SchoolSouth Garden2370
Walton Middle SchoolWoodridge – Alberene3365
Walton Middle SchoolWoodridge – Alberene4465
Walton Middle SchoolWoodridge – Western Fluvanna2955
Walton Middle SchoolWoodridge – Western Fluvanna3755
Waynesboro Constitution Park PavillionCalf Mountain3455
Waynesboro Constitution Park PavillionCalf Mountain4450
Waynesboro Constitution Park PavillionGrottoes – Port Republic3940
Waynesboro Constitution Park PavillionGrottoes – Port Republic5040
Waynesboro Constitution Park PavillionMt Solon – Verona3875
Waynesboro Constitution Park PavillionMt Solon – Verona4675
Waynesboro Constitution Park PavillionMt Solon – Verona5975
Waynesboro Constitution Park PavillionNew Hope2855
Waynesboro Constitution Park PavillionNew Hope3850
White Hall Community BuildingWhite Hall – Dyke – Free Union3875
White Hall Community BuildingWhite Hall – Free Union – Boonesville2675
White Hall Community BuildingWhite Hall – Free Union – Boonesville3370
White Hall Community BuildingWhite Hall – Free Union – Boonesville4270
White Hall Community BuildingWhite Hall – Nortonsville3075
White Hall Community BuildingWhite Hall – Stanardsville4775
Zion Crossroads Volunteer Fire DeptZion Crossroads Loop3050
Zion Crossroads Volunteer Fire DeptZion Crossroads Out and Backs2040
Zion Crossroads Volunteer Fire DeptZion Crossroads Out and Backs2345