Charlottesville Bicycle Club

Somerset – Orange – Gordonsville

Distance:  68 miles
Climbing:  65 feet per mile

Note:  This route has recently changed.

Description:  A combination of the Somerset-Barboursville and Orange-Gordonsville routes, this is a fun way to do a metric century without a lot of serious climbing. The route passes Montpelier (the home of James and Dolly Madison) and loops around through the towns of Orange and Gordonsville before heading back through Barboursville to Stony Point. The terrain is mostly open and gently rolling, with a modest climb on the way out of Gordonsville.

Stores:  Mile 32 (Orange); Mile 45 (Gordonsville)

1. There is a sharp left uphill turn at mile 10.

PARTICULAR CAUTION: The railroad crossing on Weyburn Road (mile 51) has proved to be quite dangerous, having caused several serious accidents in the past. It is strongly recommended that you slow down to less than 10 miles per hour when approaching the tracks, and cross as close as possible to 90 degrees. In wet conditions dismount and walk your bike across.

Starting Point:
   Stony Point School
   3893 Stony Point Rd (Route  20)
   Keswick, VA 22947
   GPS: 38.112370, -78.369944

Note:  Do not park at the school on school days.