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Humpback Rocks – Vesuvius (60, A / B, VH)

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Humpback Rocks – Vesuvius (60, A / B, VH)

Sat Jun 15 @ 8:00 am

This is a stunning and quite challenging ride. Starting at the Humpback Rocks Visitors Center at milepost 6 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, the route heads south on the Parkway, climbs up to the Raven’s Roost overlook, then descends from Reed’s Gap down to the Shenandoah Valley at Sherando. A long loop along the borders of a section of the George Washington National Forest takes you to the town of Vesuvius and to a 2.5 mile, very steep climb back up to the Parkway and north to the starting point. Worth every bit of the considerable effort involved.

Stores: Mile 13 (Sherando); mile 33.5 (Vesuvius)

1. There is a steep, winding descent from Reed’s Gap down into the Valley starting at mile 8. Use caution.

Route page: Humpback Rocks – Vesuvius

Click on the image below for the RWGPS page.


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Sat Jun 15
8:00 am
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Start Location

Humpback Rocks Visitor Center
Milepost 5.8, Blue Ridge Parkway
Lyndhurst, VA 22952 United States
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13 Responses

    1. Awesome! We should have a nice little group to share time in the front so we all still have some legs left for the climb(s)!

  1. Is anyone else planning to do the long route? This route is a LOT easier (and more enjoyable) with a group of riders who can work together taking turns at the front up until we hit RT 56, and then regrouping at the top of the climb back up to the BRP for the last section back to Humpback.

    1. The group won’t help you make the climb 🙂
      Afraid I’ll miss Vesuvius this year – big project has meant few ride miles thus far.

  2. Woohoo! Been looking forward to this one going back on the calendar since riding it last year!

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