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Charlottesville Bicycle Club
Group Ride Policy
And Safety Requirements

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CBC seeks to promote a culture of fun, safe, recreational cycling.  We are not a racing club.  Members are strongly encouraged to be mindful of their individual paces so that everyone participating can ride together as a cohesive, organized group.  Staying together, looking after each other, and engaging in best cycling practices benefits us all.

For the protection of cyclists on club rides, CBC members and guests are expected to abide by the following policy and safety rules.

  1. Ride defensively: Be aware of your surroundings at all times, including the presence of other cyclists, motorists, and road hazards.  Look ahead and, using a mirror, behind you.  Be especially vigilant of motorists behind you when turning left.
  2. Accept personal responsibility for being a safe rider: What you do affects the safety of everyone around you.  Pay attention to every aspect of your ride 100% of the time – accidents can and do happen.
  3. Communicate: Never assume someone knows what you plan to do. Use hand signals or a very loud voice to indicate your intentions at all times. This includes slowing, stopping, passing, and turning.  Always point or call out road hazards. Call out when you see a vehicle approaching from ahead or behind, “Car Back” or “Car Up”.  Use hand signals to communicate your intention to turn to drivers, especially those behind you.
  4. Be predictable: Be aware of the riders around you. Maintain a steady, consistent line.  Don’t make a sudden change of line or move without being certain you are clear.
  5. Ride as a group: Ride as a cohesive group, rather than a bunch of individuals.  Look after your fellow riders.  Regroup often or at least at major turns, after long ascents, and after intersections where vehicular traffic may be encountered in the route.  Do not string the group out with big gaps as this is not safe for bicyclists or those driving vehicles.
  6. Break up into manageable, cohesive sub-groups: If the group is large, consider breaking into smaller sub-groups of similar paces to increase the safety aspects of the ride for both motorists and cyclists.  Coordinate with your sub-group before leaving the parking lot.
  7. Be very considerate towards motorists: Adhere to all traffic laws and signals. Cyclists follow the same laws as vehicles. Most of all, be considerate towards vehicular drivers and look for all opportunities to avoid conflicts with motorists.
  8. Maintain group pace with E-bikes. E-bike riders are expected to maintain the pace of the analog bike riders with them.  Encouraging analog riders to “chase” an e-bike disrupts the group and can create unsafe conditions.
  9. Be proactive: We all share responsibility as club members.  If you encounter unsafe behavior or conditions, speak up and respectfully address it.
  10. Be an ambassador for the club: Be kind and courteous at all times. The reputation of the club, and its ability to maintain support from the community for what we do, depends on it.